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Where do I sell my scrap car for cash without a title?

You know it’s time to get a car out of your life when it costs more to repair than it is worth. This is the sign you need in order to make the decision to have the car disposed of somehow. The thing is, you can sell your car online or through the other regular channels because we wants to buy a junk vehicle. The options are mostly concerned with selling to scrap car recycling companies, or car removal companies. All one needs to do in this situation is call Cash for Cars Wellington and at the end of the day there will be one less junk vehicle cluttering up your life and a wee bit of extra cash in your pocket.
Selling to scrap metal recycling companies

Scrap metal recycling companies generally value metal by the weight of the metal, and pay out accordingly. All you have to do is get the vehicle over to their premises. If you can’t, North wreckers will do it for you, without subtracting the cost of the money that we are paying you for the scrap.

Salvage Yards

There are businesses out there like Cash for Cars Wellington who sell used parts and second hand tyres. They salvage these parts from scrap cars. That is why pay cash for scrap cars. The price they place on a vehicle depends on how many components on the vehicle are in good enough condition to be resold. Whether or not they offer same day free removal.


Cash for cars wellington turn to scrap vehicles for their supply of used parts, meaning that they are also classified as junk auto buyers. So if you want to get rid of your clunker you might be in luck if there are plenty of garages about, as it would just mean calling them or visiting their websites to find out whether they will do business with you. They will probably want you to transport the vehicle to them.

Part the car out

Just because the vehicle has reached its end of life stage, that doesn’t mean it’s completely worthless as it will probably be full of components and parts. The option of selling a car for parts is always there. All you need is call North Wreckers and they will dismantle your car.

We have large audience for all make or model of car.


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