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Truck wreckers in Wellington 

Believe it or not it’s an interesting process when it comes to our Wellington truck wrecking services.

What Truck Wreckers Wellington do when we come and pick up your truck is firstly…  take it to our yard in Seaview, Lower Hutt, where we have our guys and equipment standing by when your truck arrives. We have a fairly strict process and system to dismantling the truck down into different pieces.

You’d be amazed, how your old truck can help so many people in so many different areas! From the people that dismantle the trucks at all North wreckers Wellington to artists that use the scrap metal and different types of truck parts for their art pieces. So there you see it it’s not just people you are helping it’s also the planet.

Cash for trucks Wellington – up to $10,000!

Our Truck Wreckers Wellington team pay up to $10,000 cash for all types of vehicles. We regularly pay people all over the Wellington region for trucks, vans, utes, four wheel drives and trucks. You can get a free cash quote by calling us on 022 352 1744,or get a cash quote by email by using the form on the right or on our cash for trucks Wellington page.

Free Wellington truck removal service

On top of paying top cash for vehicles, we offer a totally free truck removal service throughout the Wellington region. No matter where you are, our vehicle removal team will come to you to pick up your vehicle and take it away. Like out cash for trucks service, the free removal service covers trucks, vans, utes, 4WDs and trucks. To book a removal, call us on 022 352 1744, use the form on the right or visit our free truck removal page.

Auto wrecking services for all makes and models

Truck Wreckers Wellington dismantle and recycle all makes and models of vehicles. No matter who your vehicle was manufactured by or when it was made, we will remove it and pay you for it. Below is a list of services our Wellington auto wreckers offer. Our services aren’t limited to these manufacturers…

Toyota removal & wrecking
Nissan removal & wrecking
Mitsubishi removal & wrecking
Honda dismantling
Subaru  removal
Kia wrecking & recycling
Hino truck wrecking services
Fuso truck removal
UD Nissan Diesel truck removal services
Truck wreckers & 4WD removal services

Our Truck Wreckers Wellington and 4WD drive wreckers work throughout Wellington and pay top cash! Larger vehicles are usually worth more so could get a nice heavy stack of cash for these vehicles.

Get an instant cash for trucks quote!

Find out how much your old or damaged vehicle is worth. To get an instant quote for your vehicle, just call us on 022 352 1744, or click here to get a cash for trucks quote online.

Truck wreckers Wellington service areas

Our team work right throughout the Wellington region, including Wellington city, Lower Hutt and the Hutt Valley, Porirua and surrounding suburbs, the Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa.


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